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We've highlighted the 3 points for the launch site where the zip wire starts then you can see broken black lines with arrow for the direction that the zip wire will take to each of the 2 landing sites, depending on which one you are on. I've highlighted landing point 1 and 2.  Map


Upon arrival at the car park (on the site of the former smelter), shown by a dark blue star, guests will gather at the onsite welcome cabin. The welcome cabin will provide information on the village, local area, businesses and attractions plus give access to the downloadable local map.

From here guests will either board the electric land train (think airport electric bus) or walk the short distance to the Reception area shown by a red star on the map and the journey shown by dark blue dotted line.

At the reception guests will book in, receive a briefing on their adventure and be issued with their equipment.

From here they will be taken by 4x4 minibus along the scenic route up to the launch site (shown highlighted). During the journey guests will hear an informative presentation on the history of the village, the local environment and wild life and the importance of protecting it for the future. This journey is shown by a red dotted line.

From the launch site guests will ride the longer zipwire down to landing point 1 (shown with a black dotted line and arrow of direction).

From Landing point 1, guests will take the boat ride (shown with a light blue dotted line) back to the reception while enjoying more informal presentations about the area and wild life.

At the reception, guests will re-board the minibus for their 2nd journey to the launch site.

At the Launch site guests will ride the shorter wire down to Landing Point 2 (shown highlighted) which is next to the reception.

Friends and family can view their arrival from the rooftop observation platform.

Ample information will be provided in advance (via our website) so that guests can not only book their zip wire experience but also plan/book meals in local venues, overnight stays and other attractions and walks in the area.

Once finished their experiences, guests will either opt to ride the land train back to the car park or walk one of the several scenic routes back.

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